Day 7: establish a sustainable start-up in the children’s room

…a bicycle repair shop in the kids‘ room. Low investment costs, supports sustainability and would not be the first company to conquer the world from a garage. At this point I can only endorse my son’s ambitions. A good moment

Day 6: Discover and explore a secret cave

Of course it is exciting to explore a cave. The confinement, the smell, the stuffy air. The bats are a natural part of it. But what if they are not bats? Did little dinosaurs actually survive in this secret underground

Day 5: Physical experiment No.1

…supposedly the watch is water-resistant. Why this is so and whether it will remain so is to be clarified by our Experiment No. 1 #lockdownwithchild #coronaisnotboring #lebenmitkindern #athome #diary #stayathome

Day 4: Visiting a nature historical museum with my dinosaur

…of course dinosaurs get bored too. The interests here are obvious. A trip to a natural history museum in the ancestral gallery. Visit a few friends#lockdownwithchild #coronaisnotboring #lebenmitkindern #athome #diary #stayathome

Day 3: Rescuing a dinosaur from a critical location

… a disaster always hits suddenly and cannot be foreseen. Without a question – T-Rex Emma needs to be rescued from the danger zone immediately! Since all the ladders were too short, my son chose the option of rappelling. #lockdownwithchild

Day 2: Travelling to a distant galaxy

…actually, the journey would have taken several thousand light-years. My son told me he heard a story about a shortcut. So we just took it. #lockdownwithchild #coronaisnotboring #lebenmitkindern #athome #diary

Day 1: Expedition to the South Pole

… on the first day we decided to take a short trip to the Antarctic. I warned my son not to take off the safety goggles because of the life-threatening low temperatures. However, he told me that he always gets