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f you don't shave, I will / LockDown with child 2020 / photographer: Nils Hendrik Mueller

Day 20: If you don’t shave, I will

My son not only noticed that I look like a pirate, he also presented a solution right away. When the local barber is closed, you have to shave your father yourself. #lockdownwithchild #coronaisnotboring #lebenmitkindern #athome #diary #stayathome

Day 19: Photo shooting with tiger

This is a very special day for me. My son has wished to be allowed to work as a photographer today. And because children and animals are difficult to photograph, the child chose an animal as a model. I think

Day 14: prepare a real espresso

Some of my son’s wishes surprise me. Then I’m a little touched. After all, he doesn’t like espresso himself, I suspect. But if he insists, it probably just has something to do with me. However, he was a little disappointed

Day 7: establish a sustainable start-up in the children’s room

…a bicycle repair shop in the kids‘ room. Low investment costs, supports sustainability and would not be the first company to conquer the world from a garage. At this point I can only endorse my son’s ambitions. A good moment