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Mountain rescue at Mount Stairs / LockDown with child 2020 / photographer: Nils Hendrik Mueller

Day 27: Mountain rescue at Mount Stairs

If a family member gets into trouble, there is not much to think about. Then it’s action. Saving a beloved teddy bear on a steep slope is one of the easiest exercises.#lockdownwithchild #coronaisnotboring #lebenmitkindern #athome #diary #stayathome

Day 26: Riding on a friendly whale

To go sailing with a Tyrannosaurus is certainly exciting. If the wind is not sufficient it is recommended to take a fan with you. And if a whale appears on the port side it is almost too good to be

Day 22: Diving with the octopus

When my son asked about a submarine, I was a little perplexed for a moment. Shortly afterwards he explained that he could dive without a submarine. Only it should not be so deep then. #lockdownwithchild #coronaisnotboring #lebenmitkindern #athome #diary #stayathome

Day 18: Go fishing with friends

Take your friends fishing. Enjoy the nature, the silence, the wind. And best of all catch something for dinner. It will be delicious. #lockdownwithchild #coronaisnotboring #lebenmitkindern #athome #diary #stayathome

Day 16: Land a space shuttle safely

Whether a space shuttle still flies when there is a corona crisis, I could not answer my son. We decided without further ado to revive the program. One of the most delicate moments is the re-entry into the Earth’s atmosphere.

Day 15: Indian times completely without cowboys

What exactly do Indians do when there are no cowboys around. I see. Put up tents, build a fire, hunt, cook, and then do it all over again.#lockdownwithchild #coronaisnotboring #lebenmitkindern #athome #diary #stayathome

Day 12: Mission Impossible

the question is not whether to give the children sweets, but how. Under certain conditions, with the right approach, you can create half an hour of activity. Just give the child a task. You may eat it if you can

Day 11: Stick bread over the open fire

The kindergarten has a spring festival every year. It was clear to me from the beginning that it would be difficult to explain to my son that the festival would probably not take place this year. I also knew that

Day 6: Discover and explore a secret cave

Of course it is exciting to explore a cave. The confinement, the smell, the stuffy air. The bats are a natural part of it. But what if they are not bats? Did little dinosaurs actually survive in this secret underground

Day 3: Rescuing a dinosaur from a critical location

… a disaster always hits suddenly and cannot be foreseen. Without a question – T-Rex Emma needs to be rescued from the danger zone immediately! Since all the ladders were too short, my son chose the option of rappelling. #lockdownwithchild