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Mountain rescue at Mount Stairs / LockDown with child 2020 / photographer: Nils Hendrik Mueller

Day 27: Mountain rescue at Mount Stairs

If a family member gets into trouble, there is not much to think about. Then it’s action. Saving a beloved teddy bear on a steep slope is one of the easiest exercises.#lockdownwithchild #coronaisnotboring #lebenmitkindern #athome #diary #stayathome

Day 26: Riding on a friendly whale

To go sailing with a Tyrannosaurus is certainly exciting. If the wind is not sufficient it is recommended to take a fan with you. And if a whale appears on the port side it is almost too good to be

Day 25: Roller skating must be practiced

Sport and exercise must not be neglected under any circumstances. But some sports are not so easy. You need a lot of practice. And if you want to slalom, you need a long space… a very long space #lockdownwithchild #coronaisnotboring

Day 24: a skeleton race in the living room

Me: We don’t have a track My son: it doesn’t matter There are ideas that I wonder if they would pass for a super event at a children’s birthday party. A sleigh race in the living room is definitely one